Custom Card Questions and Answers

What is a CUSTOM CARD from Clearly Noted?

  • You can choose the option of adding your logo to a card and have our designer make some minor adjustments to the colors for a cohesive look.
  • A CUSTOM CARD must be a variation of one of our current cards.


What are my options and prices? 

Option 1: You can have the colors changed. (and a possible minor change to the design to best fit your theme/logo.)

Your logo will be added to the inside left of the card (unless requested otherwise.)

One time initial fee $30.00 plus $.50 added to final price of each card.

Your card will be kept on file, and can be reordered with the additional 50 cents price.

  • Option 2: Your logo added to the inside of the card.

One time initial fee $5.00
plus $.50 added to final price of each card.
Your card will be kept on file,
and can be reordered with the additional 50 cents per card price.

How long will it take for a custom card?

  • Timeline: Approximately 2 weeks from receipt of logo and your ideas.
  • Final Approval: The final work will be sent to you via email, for your final approval.

How does the payment work?

Payment for the cards will be handled via paypal, credit card over the phone, or check by mail. Custom cards cannot be purchased directly on the website.

How do I start and what do you need?

You initiate the customizing of a card by contacting Sandra Rose, our graphic designer, using the form below, or through any Clearly Noted web contact email. She will work with you during the process to ensure your satisfaction.

For example, she will ask which card you would like, and any design thoughts you have for the process. You will then be asked to send your logo via email. JPEG, PNG, PSD or AI file can be accepted with a resolution of 300 dpi. If you are uncertain of the resolution, then send what you have and she can determine if it is acceptable for the card customization.

The process will be handled by email or phone conversation if needed.